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To provide clear, targeted, and transparent information about ESG scores that supports actionable understanding, planning, and evaluation.

Meet the Team

Nicholas Miller


Nicholas Miller is an innovative career entrepreneur who has founded several successful private and publicly traded...

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Dr Jennifer Boger


Dr Jennifer Boger (PhD, PEng) is an Adjunct Professor in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo and...

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Andrew Chan


Andrew has a strong pedigree in technology, innovation, and finance through successful senior positions at companies...

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Winston Ng


Winston has 20+ years of experience building scalable cloud-based services for web and mobile companies. He served...

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Dr Elliot Holtham

AI Lead

Dr Elliot Holtham (PhD, MBA) is a technology entrepreneur specializing in AI, engineering, and technology. Elliot has co-founded...

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Wayne Chen

Creative Director

Wayne is a pioneer in product commercialization and user experience. As a leader with over 15+ years of experience in industries...

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John Hawkins

Director of Product Management

John (MBA, PMP) is a veteran of the BC technology scene. Starting in the wireless industry with Mobile Data International...

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Angela Guo

Product Owner

Angela is passionate about getting the most out of products and technologies. With experiences in building and launching....

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Sharon Hsu

Product Designer

Sharon is an experienced product designer with a specialty in UX and UI. Through her professional roles at acclaimed...

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Alex Chen

Senior Data Scientist

Alex has a 25+ year career in data science, big data cloud solutions, natural language processing, and AI, including...

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Nathan Wolfe

Machine Learning Research Associate

Nathan is a passionate researcher and problem solver with 10 years of academic and industrial experience tackling...

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Melanie Issett

ESG Analyst

Melanie (BSc, HBA) is passionate about making societies and economies operate within planetary boundaries. She has received...

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James Heckscher

Business Development Associate

James is passionate about building bridges between traditional business models and next generation solutions. As ESGai's...

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Board of Directors

Nicholas Miller

Nicholas Miller is an innovative career entrepreneur who has founded several successful private and publicly traded U.S. and...

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Isaac Moss

Isaac Moss has 35 years of diverse international business, investment banking, and corporate finance experience...

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Chris McLeod

Chris McLeod has spent more than 35 years in senior management positions in Canada, USA, Russia, Europe and Asia. He has served...

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Emma Purdy

Emma is a senior leader with extensive experience advising organizations on business transformations including technology...

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Advisory Committee

Rob Goehring

Rob is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience founding and operating private and public software and hardware...

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Dr Olaf Weber

Dr Olaf Weber is a Professor at the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development. In addition, he holds the position...

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Jon Heckscher

Jonathan M. Heckscher is the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Fixed Income at Fiduciary Trust of Pennsylvania...

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