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ESG matters

ESG is a way of scoring organisations on Environmental, Social, and (internal) Governance factors. Investor, corporate, and individual interest in ESG is increasing exponentially, causing ESG to be crucial to conveying and assessing sustainability, relevance, and performance.

Engaging with ESG

ESG infrastructure, management, reporting and compliance is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Understanding how to engage with ESG is vital in identifying opportunities, reducing risk, and anticipating future trends.

get insight with esgai

ESGai’s AI-powered insights go beyond scores by providing clarity into the complexity of the drivers behind ESG, giving you the knowledge you need to make timely, strategic decisions.

the esgai advantage

ESGai provides targeted knowledge about real-time and historical ESG information that matters to you, enabling agile responses to current trends and foundational data for planning for the future.

our product

Data-driven high-return ESG opportunities for your company, including examples of how to achieve them.

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