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Why ESG matters

ESG is a way of scoring organisations on Environmental, Social, and (internal) Governance factors. Investor, corporate, and consumer interest in ESG is increasing exponentially, causing ESG strategy optimization to be crucial in reducing risk and keeping pace with market trends.

Engaging with ESG

Understanding what drives your ESG score, how you compare to others, and what you can do to improve is vital to identify opportunities, reduce risk, and define your future. ESGai provides you with the targeted knowledge and tools that enable you to build and optimise short and long-term ESG strategies in tandem with your industry.


ESGai’s proprietary AI algorithms provide unparalleled clarity into the complex drivers behind ESG scores and trends, enabling a high-level to granular understanding of key data at any point in time. We combine historical and real-time ESG data with news curation from multiple verified sources to provide the bespoke knowledge you need to make timely, strategic decisions.

Optimize esg targets

ESGai’s Optimizer is the tool for developing your ESG strategy and envisioning your future ESG performance. The Optimizer combines our proprietary AI with real-time data from Refinitiv to automatically identify your biggest opportunities for ESG gains, model scenarios, set your ESG priorities and targets, and project your future ESG scores.

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Data-driven high-return ESG opportunities for your company, including examples of how to achieve them.

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